Quasar Vue CLI 3 Plugin

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    Many people requested it, so here it is: https://github.com/quasarframework/vue-cli-plugin-quasar

    NOTE: For the premium (and recommended) experience with Quasar, including the ability to build Mobile & Electron apps and efortless upgrades to new Quasar versions, you should instead use Quasar CLI.

    Getting started with Quasar CLI 3 plugin:

    1. Make sure you have vue-cli 3.x.x: $ vue --version
    2. If you don’t have a project created with vue-cli 3.x yet: $ vue create my-app
    3. Navigate to the newly created project folder and add the cli plugin. Before installing it, make sure to commit your current changes should you wish to revert them later. $ vue add quasar

    It will ask you if you want the plugin to replace some existing files. It is recommended that you do it if you wish to have an example so you can quickly develop your app.

    Your Vue config (in package.json or vue.config.js file, depending on what you chose when you created your vue app) will also contain a quasar Object. Most important property is theme (with possible values “mat” or “ios”), which you can later change should you want.

    Some notes

    More information about this plugin will be available along with the pending Quasar v0.15.11 documentation update. Please note that if you selected Typescript preset when creating your vue app then your app requires a few tweaks that are currently not available.

    As always, if you find any issues please report them on the appropriate repository. In the case of Quasar vue-cli plugin: https://github.com/quasarframework/vue-cli-plugin-quasar


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