Quasar app architecture

  • Hello,

    I’m new in Quasar and the first thing that is weird for me (coming from a full NodeJS world) is that the “dist” folder only contain files to be uploaded directly on the server.
    How can I organize my projects with APIs? I used to have some urls like this “/api/user/add” “/api/user/show” “/api/topics/add”, etc.

    Thanks in advance for helping a beginner 😉

  • yeah you need to build your backend. implement routes with all your functionality…
    then you can use a http client within vuejs like axios as an example to talk json.

    cheers max

  • OK so Quasar is really only for the front-end. I can still keep my old NodeJS APIs, right? It means I have 2 projects to manage: 1 for the front-end, 1 for the back-end?

  • yes it’s that
    in dev:

    • front-end dev with quasar tools
    • your nodejs api in backend

    in prod:

    • serve build of your quasar app (it’s static files so nginx is a good solution)
    • prod of your nodejs api (don’t forget to enable cors between your api and your front-end if it’s not the same domain)

  • @chbarr Thanks a lot, this kind of organization is new for me, I used to handle everything as a whole project, but it could be great for collaborative programming 🙂

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