[solved] chips-input no context for :before :after handler

  • I was expecting the handler function to have some context (i.e the component) but apparently not. I can’t access any methods with this and not even console.log is known. Too this.$q is unknown/undefined

    any other prop of this is ignored so no access to even the data of the component.

    Seems without a proper context the handler is useless and there is no way to set a binding for it since I’m just passing it not calling it.

  • yup no context (binding) unless you use v-bind

    I did it like this

       float-label='Down Arrow for List of Options'
            icon: 'arrow drop down',
            handler() {
              show = !show
    // import find from 'lodash.find'
    export default {
      data () {
        return {
          show: false

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