linter broken after update to .15.10

  • I updated the cli and framework to the latest and now eslint seems broken. It is no longer linting properly.
    Do I have some version of the support repos messed up? Is eslint supposed to be v3 or v4?

    yarn list v1.6.0
    ├─ babel-eslint@8.2.3
    ├─ eslint-config-standard@10.2.1
    ├─ eslint-friendly-formatter@3.0.0
    ├─ eslint-import-resolver-node@0.3.2
    ├─ eslint-loader@1.7.1
    ├─ eslint-module-utils@2.2.0
    ├─ eslint-plugin-html@4.0.3
    ├─ eslint-plugin-import@2.11.0
    ├─ eslint-plugin-node@5.2.0
    ├─ eslint-plugin-promise@3.7.0
    ├─ eslint-plugin-standard@3.1.0
    ├─ eslint-plugin-vue@4.5.0
    ├─ eslint-scope@3.7.1
    ├─ eslint-visitor-keys@1.0.0
    ├─ eslint@3.19.0
    └─ vue-eslint-parser@2.0.3
    Done in 0.70s.
    david@trantor:[frontend] (master)$ ylp quasar
    yarn list v1.6.0
    ├─ quasar-cli@0.15.14
    ├─ quasar-extras@1.0.2
    └─ quasar-framework@0.15.10
    Done in 0.67s.

  • seems to be linting .js files fine but not .vue files (in atom)

  • apparently the html plugin and the vue plugin are not compatible so not sure why quasar has both loaded. If I comment out the html plugin then it will lint the vue file.

    plugins: [
        'vue'// ,

  • In your quasar.conf.js you should have this under build:

          extendWebpack (cfg) {
              enforce: 'pre',
              test: /\.(js|vue)$/,
              loader: 'eslint-loader',
              exclude: /(node_modules|quasar)/

  • @dgk create a new blank project in another folder and look at the diff of config files. Also from what version did you upgraded from?.
    There might be some other things, but at least no more vue nor html plugins, also most of the dependencies are now imported from quasar-cli and so no morei in the package.json.

  • this was an upgraded project so when I looked at a from scratch .15 project I had I realized that it no longer had the html plugin but did still have the vue plugin (in the eslintrc file and in package.json with 15.4 no .10) so not sure about taking it out. Further I am using atom with the linter-eslint package so there is some issue related to it working correctly.

    I’ll just try what you suggest with 15.10 and then use the eslintrc and package.json it generates and report back if all is fine.

    What is kinda confusing now is how to update the dev dependencies when either the cli or framework is updated. I mean normally I just update with my dependencies tool npm-check but is the cli now supposed to handle any dev dependency updates it manages (mostly eslint stuff).

  • After making a new project with 15.14 cli I still see the vue plugin and it looks like my upgraded project is now consistent with this. So all is good and it does seem that @rstoenescu is still using the vue plugin which makes sense since it was supposed to replace the older html plugin for vue files and there must be something to help estlint with vue files. So bottom line the html plugin is deprecated and one should remove it from dev-dependencies and .eslintrc.

    As to atom make sure the linter-eslint settings now turn off the html plugin option and that the scopes include text.html.vue

    BTW my quasar.config.js build was fine, identical to above.

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