build error

  • Hi huys,

    whats is tha problem in quasar build android i can’t anderstand!

    $quasar build

    app:build Mode [ SPA ] with [ MAT ] theme +0ms

    app:quasar-conf Reading quasar.conf.js +1s
    app:quasar-conf Generating Webpack config +15ms
    app:quasar-conf Extending Webpack config +855ms
    app:generator Generating Webpack entry point +0ms
    app:build Building main… +16ms

    Build completed in 21.182s

    Hash: 88cfdc0d6a9846f934a7
    Version: webpack 3.11.0
    Time: 21198ms
    Asset Size Chunks Chunk Names
    js/manifest.4fad738070762e74caac.js 1.45 kB 5 [emitted] manifest
    fonts/Roboto-Bold.ad140ff.woff 89.2 kB [emitted]
    fonts/Roboto-Thin.90d3804.woff 87.8 kB [emitted]
    fonts/Roboto-Regular.081b11e.woff 89.4 kB [emitted]
    fonts/Roboto-Medium.303ded6.woff 89.7 kB [emitted]
    fonts/MaterialIcons-Regular.012cf6a.woff 57.6 kB [emitted]
    img/quasar-logo-full.c3e8865.svg 12.9 kB [emitted]
    js/0.fc3f1702aed6bc5c38dc.js 762 bytes 0 [emitted]
    js/1.6a079297af995d52914d.js 2.9 kB 1 [emitted]
    js/2.cb67f183078c7678afa4.js 12.4 kB 2 [emitted]
    js/vendor.666a921f490b9f91927d.js 251 kB 3 [emitted] vendor
    js/app.bd6bc3537f610d54e874.js 1.71 kB 4 [emitted] app
    fonts/Roboto-Light.37fbbba.woff 89.2 kB [emitted]
    app.9f858b249ea20dd779d214d9e7e00d8c.css 134 kB 4 [emitted] app
    index.html 1.48 kB [emitted]
    statics/icons/apple-icon-152x152.png 13.2 kB [emitted]
    statics/icons/favicon-16x16.png 1.35 kB [emitted]
    statics/icons/favicon-32x32.png 2.6 kB [emitted]
    statics/icons/icon-128x128.png 7.2 kB [emitted]
    statics/icons/icon-256x256.png 15 kB [emitted]
    statics/icons/icon-192x192.png 10.5 kB [emitted]
    statics/icons/icon-384x384.png 23.2 kB [emitted]
    statics/icons/icon-512x512.png 29.7 kB [emitted]
    statics/icons/ms-icon-144x144.png 12.3 kB [emitted]
    statics/quasar-logo.png 7.2 kB [emitted]

    app:build [SUCCESS] SPA with “mat” theme in “dist\spa-mat” folder +0ms

    app:build Built files are meant to be served over an HTTP server +0ms
    app:build Opening index.html over file:// won’t work +0ms

  • I do not see any error. Try run quasar dev

  • You are building the website spa, not android.

    Read here:

  • This post is deleted!

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