cordova undefined

  • I’ve started a new app (cli: 0.4.1, quasar-framework: 0.13.1), quasar build, cordova plugin add phonegap-nfc --save, cordova run, the app starts but it can’t find a reference to cordova. In main.js:

    Quasar.start(() => {

    All this using remote debugging via Chrome Dev Tools on an Android phone.

    If I leave out the reference to cordova and the plugins, the app loads and runs just fine.

    Please, can you point out where I’m going wrong?

  • Cordova is not accessible in the Browser. It would make no sense, since you have no camera and NFC Hardware to access on your desktop.

    i use this toggle to avoid braking the browser app during development :

    if (PROD) {

    So my Corodova plugin is only called when building the App

  • I’m not running in a browser; this is on a physical device.

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