layout header and then page header?

  • Hei!
    I need two headers - in main layout header with toolbar and then after main header page header with toolbar.
    Or how make page toolbar sticky?

  • Hi @conx ,

    Did you already check this ?

    In your main <q-layout> you can set for example :view="'lHh Lpr lff'" to put your header sticky.

  • Yes, main header is sticky, but page header not ordered after main header. I need page toolbar to sticky…

  • What about that :

    <q-layout view="hHr LpR lFf">
      <!-- Header -->
        <!-- First row of header is a QToolbar -->
          <!-- showLeft is a model attached to left side drawer below -->
            flat round dense
            @click="showLeft = !showLeft"
            Layout Header
            <span slot="subtitle">Optional subtitle</span>
          <!-- showRight is a model attached to right side drawer below -->
            flat round dense
            @click="showRight = !showRight"
        <!-- Second row of header is a QTabs -->
          <q-route-tab slot="title" icon="view_quilt" to="/test-layout/about" replace hide="icon" label="About" />
          <q-route-tab slot="title" icon="view_day" to="/test-layout/toolbar" replace hide="icon" label="Toolbar" />
          <q-route-tab slot="title" icon="view_day" to="/test-layout/tabs" replace label="Tabs" />
          <q-route-tab slot="title" icon="input" to="/test-layout/drawer" replace label="Drawer" />
      <!-- sub-routes get injected here: -->
        <router-view />

    Coming from

  • hmm no, i have different pages with unique headers/toolbars and i want them sticky after main header… (sorry my engl)

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