NUXT with Quasar

  • Hello All,

    I am trying to use Quasar NUXT template , but not sure if I am using it correctly . ( Do I have to download this and copy it some folder…? I don’t find templates folder in version 0.15)

    I am trying to run the below command as per the instructions on the above link , but is generating folder name with “nuxt” and not “My-project” . Moreover the generated folder structure doesn’t contain nuxt.config.js

    quasar init nuxt my-project

    Could any one please help me on this ?

    Thanks for your help

  • Hello All ,

    Sorry to bug you all again…Using NUXT takes us to the next level in development . Any one has any idea on using it?
    I don’t see any updates to it in the last 6 months . Is it still valid ? Because in the Quasar Roadmap it says NUXT will be available in version 1 .
    Ane one has any idea when version 1 will be available ?

    Thank You All

    Thank You

  • Hey @kiranvasi
    we are currently working on integrating SSR into Quasar. The roadmap that we intend to ship this feature in v1 is still valid.
    The template you are referring to will be deprecated, so until you are not in total need for SSR in your app right now you should wait for v1.
    Currently, we can not give a real estimate when v1 will be ready, but probably it will take some more time because we have to make sure that v1 really is stable.

  • Thank You @a47ae for taking time to give us the update on it .

  • but if I have an urgent need to use ssr with quasar?

  • @alancix then I think you should contribute to the current development 😉

    Use VueJS SSR in another project, that’s what I do, and hope I won’t have to change all my code when Quasar will be SSR ready.

  • This post is deleted!