Full page q-table

  • I’ve been struggling with this for a while and I’m not sure if its possible. Using quasar 0.15, I’d like a q-table to occupy the full height of a q-page in a router, with the paging controls at the bottom, and the rows filling the page, with the column headers always visible at the top, and a scrollbar shown when there’s more items than will fit in the page. I can almost get this working by setting

    bodyStyle: {
      height: 'calc(100vh - 168px)'

    and binding this to table-style.This handles browser resizes (although the 168px is a trial and error value compensating for the layout header), but the scrollbar will not only scroll the items, but also the column headers, which I’d like to prevent. I’ve tried overriding the “body” slot template wrapping the contents in a q-scroll-area but this doesn’t seem to work. I’m fairly new to Quasar so apologies if the terminology is incorrect, but hopefully what I’m trying to achieve is clear.

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