Problem using assets

  • I found the way the documentation ( is confusing. I do not quite understand how I should use the assets, and how to put them in the background. It is giving a mistake and it seems from the webpack, but I do not know the right one.

      <div class="background-index">
        <q-page class="flex flex-center">
          <div class="self-end full-width">
              enter-active-class="animated fadeIn"
              leave-active-class="animated fadeOut"
              <q-btn class="full-width q-mb-sm q-mx-lg" color="primary" label="Entrar" key="login-button" @click="$router.push('/user/login')" />
              <q-btn class="full-width q-mb-md q-mx-lg" color="faded" label="Faça parte" key="singup-button" @click="$router.push('/user/register')" />
    .background-index {
      background: url(./assets/exportada1.png);
    export default {
      name: 'PageIndex'

    alt text

  • Resolve: background: url(../statics/background/exportada1.png);

  • <@singularity>-<⎇ master>-<±>-> quasar -v

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