cordova android app - webpage not available error ( quasar v15.10 )

  • Hi,
    i have developed an application in Quasar14.9 which was good. now i converted the whole app in Version15.10 and build android apk using quasar dev -m cordova -T android but the new version is very slow. sometime i got the error Webpage not available

    in route.js i tryied both lazy load / code split and load all layouts/pages/components into the initial bundle .

    if i load all layouts/pages/components into the initial bundle the performance is better but not like version 14.9.

    is there anybody who can guide me.

  • Its too late but i think i should share the solution 🙂 . Your development computer and mobile device should be on the same network.

  • i get this same error page after apk build. How to solve it?

  • @kishsak you shouldn’t get this if you run quasar build ... unless you still have the old dev apk in your device, then you should remove that and install the one that you got from the build command.

  • ok thanks for your reply @metalsadman. I found a solution for this:

    1. Build apk in the root folder of the quasar app using quasar build command.
    2. if you run the apk in the /Volumes/HP_RECOVERY/www/maskmeet-mobile/dist/cordova/android/apk/release it will result in “web page not found” as we are running a dev server to test the app in hot reload as it points to dev server IP.
    3. So what i did is i jumped into src-cordova folder in terminal and run “cordova build --release android” command now i get the apk in “/Volumes/HP_RECOVERY/www/maskmeet-mobile/src-cordova/platforms/android/app/build/outputs/apk/release”
      4.Then i jarsign and zipalign the apk inside the folder mentioned in step 3 “app-release-unsigned.apk” .
    4. Now I installed this apk in my android device now the app works without any error.

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