Build electron dist with squirrel win

  • Hi, I’m making an electron app that will need auto updating and to do it, I’m generating the distribution with squirrel (in windows). I use the following configuration in package.json:

    "build": {
         "squirrelWindows": {
           "iconUrl": ""
         "win": {
           "target": "squirrel",
           "icon": "build/icon.ico"

    and the dependencies:

    "devDependencies": {
         "electron": "*",
         "electron-builder": "*"
    "dependencies": {
         "electron-builder-squirrel-windows": "^ 20.8.0",
         "electron-squirrel-startup": "^ 1.0.0

    Using only electron, I can generate the .exe, RELEASES and .nupkg files but with quasar, I can’t do it.

    How would Quasar have to configure the distribution with squirrel?


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