What about Non native looking apps?

  • So my boss asked me today: “What about non native looking apps? What if we want to make something that has a more unique interface?”

    I’m not sure if it is actually possible at this time, to create like your own theme, maybe I’m wrong?

    Pretty much the more complex elements could be a what stops you, most of the other parts about the framework are bare bone building blocks.

  • Admin

    Every app should have its own unique look. What are we talking about when saying unique look? Well, your own CSS on top of a Quasar theme.

    Start with using one theme (only) and write your CSS on top of it. That’s the whole point of Quasar themes… to give you a starting point. You can however leave it like it is, but the power of an App and what makes a brand is it’s uniqueness. So be creative and write the CSS for your brand. Even overwrite Quasar CSS for some of its parts. There’s nothing stopping you.

    My own desire is to see Quasar Apps that are hard to tell if they use Quasar under the covers or not 🙂

  • Pretty much my question was how would one go about changing the styling of a component, without just overwriting the css, but instead implementing your own and leaving behind the original styling?

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    Does any framework offer this without developer overwriting the CSS? Quasar tries to use the least CSS for each of its components so that you can style it later. And you got all those Stylus variables that you can tweak so that some of the Quasar CSS will be generated to the dev’s liking from the beginning. What would you suggest (also think a little bit about “how” too) we improve over current CSS architecture?

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