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  • I think that when the documentation talks about the Cordova plugins, it is not explicit enough. I explain. I’m doing an example that needs to know device characteristics, in my case I need the IMEI. For this, I use the plugin: cordova-plugin-device@2.0.1. This plugin initializes a variable called ‘device’ in the deviceready event. As Quasar is the one who captures this event, I had to modify the .eslintrc.js file, leaving the property globals in this way:

    globals: {
        'ga': true, // Google Analytics
        'cordova': true,
        'device': true,
        '__statics': true

    Now we just need to use the device variable in the created method of my component. As my App can run in the browser I have initialized the IMEI with the value ‘12345’ in that case. When the App runs on a mobile phone if it captures the IMEI correctly.

    created () {
        if (typeof device === 'undefined') {
          this.IMEI = '12345'
        } else {
          this.IMEI = device.uuid

    Could this information be incorporated into the Quasar documentation?

  • just do a pull request on dev branch here:

    really appreciate any help to make things clearer…


  • I try to commit on dev branch but I have not permissions. I’m newbie using git, could you give me some instructions?

  • you have to fork the repository, then do you commit and then make a pull request across repositories. from yours to quasar’s

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