VueAuthenticate and $auth var

  • I’m migrating my app from v 0.14 to 0.15 and I facing a lot of problems.

    First, I created a plugin named vueauthenticate.js with code:

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import axios from 'axios';
    import VueAxios from 'vue-axios'
    import VueAuthenticate from 'vue-authenticate'
    export default ({ Vue }) => {
      Vue.use(VueAuthenticate, {
            baseUrl: '/login'          

    So, I put vueauthenticate in quasar.conf.js plugins. All dependencies are installed.

    But when I check the console, the var $auth is present in Vue but with message: Exception: Error: Request handler instance not found! at Vue.get (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/vue-authenticate/dist/vue-authenticate.es2015.js:1405:19) at Vue.remoteFunction (<anonymous>:2:14) . Obviously, nothing works.

    Request handler instance not found

    Any idea? Thanks

  • Maybe you must tell Vue to use VueAxios just before Vue.use(VueAuthenticate):

    Vue.use(VueAxios, axios)

  • @chbarr Solved! Many thanks! 😃

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