Sentry + Quasar

  • I wanted to know if anyone ever had the experience of working with Quasar with Sentry to catch errors.

    Which practice would you recommend?

  • Hi Daniel, did you manage to integrate Sentry propely?
    I’m trying to use sentry to catch errors on our mobile apps, but can’t get the source maps to work.

  • I init like this

    dsn: “”,
    release: process.env.VUE_APP_COMMITHASH,
    environment: process.env.VUE_APP_BRANCH,
    integrations: [
    new Integrations.Vue({
    attachProps: true
    beforeSend(event, hint): any {
    if (event.extra && event.extra.propsData) {
    let s: string = JSON.stringify(event.extra.propsData);
    if (s.length > 10000) {
    event.extra.propsData = {};
    event.extra.propsData.jsonstring = s.substring(0, 10000);
    // console.log(“beforeSend”, event, hint, s.length);
    return event;

    and upload map files in my docker build

    RUN npm install -g @sentry/cli --unsafe-perm
    RUN sentry-cli releases new “$GIT_COMMIT”
    RUN sentry-cli releases files “$GIT_COMMIT” upload-sourcemaps ./wwwroot --rewrite --ignore node_modules --ignore webpack.config.js

  • @rld how do you populate those variable process.env.VUE_APP_COMMITHASH and process.env.VUE_APP_BRANCH.

    I think that could be something dynamically, but how ?

    And what this thing “upload-sourcemaps” you mentioned in the RUN command ?

    Since in Quasar projects we don’t have the file webpack.config.js will necessary to install @sentry/webpack-plugin ?

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