Is there a demo example app following recommended directory structure?

  • As a newbie coming from Meteor I am a bit lost.
    Is there a demo example app somewhere that follows the recommended directory structure?
    Something like the classic todo list app example?
    That would really help newcomers onboarding.

    One thing that is confusing to me is that I was expecting the Quasar framework to be made of single file vue components with extension .vue, but in the source code below quasar/src/components I can only find .js and . styl files. So where are all the quasar template tags prefixed with q defined?

  • The Quasar demo app, presented in the docs, is located here. It’s supposed to be a comprehensive showcase of all Quasar components, not a demo like TodoMVC, though.

    Answering your other question: the components are defined in the JS files themselves. But, instead of using <template> tags, it uses render functions (see Vue docs about render functions).

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