Configuring dev server to run on port 80

  • I’m facing an issue. I’m trying to a social login app (via facebook) and the login popup does not close. It seems it’s because the port is not a standard one (80 or 443) : stackoverflow

    So I’m trying to configure my app to run on port 80 and it fails.
    Here is my conf : (I’m using quasar 0.15.8)

    module.exports = function (ctx) {
      return {
        devServer: {
          // https: true,
          port: 80,
          open: true // opens browser window automatically

    And here is the error on build :

     app:dev Checking listening address availability ( +4ms
     app:dev Unknown network error occured +0ms
    {   Error: listen EACCES
      - next_tick.js:141 _combinedTickCallback
      - next_tick.js:180 process._tickCallback
      code: 'EACCES',
      errno: 'EACCES',
      syscall: 'listen',
      address: '',
      port: 80 }

    I have nothing running on port 80 ! Can someone help me ?

  • Thats becaue ports lower than 1024 are so called priviledged ports:

    So either you choose another port or you run as priviledges user.
    On macOS/Linux use sudo quasar dev to be allowed to use this port.

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