flexibility for IE9+

  • I really like the fact that we at last are using flexboxes, and that this is the default layout method i Quasar 🙂

    But we really like as much IE support as possible and have been looking at polyfill’s like flexibility, and i wonder if others have any experience in this regard ?

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    Flexibility may work, but it needs testing. I’m currently overloaded and need some help on this one…

  • Ok, I just like to avoid reinventing the wheel 🙂 I know you currently are a bit overloaded, so I will try it out myself …

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    Please do let me know how it goes. Thanks for this!

  • Ok, until now … I have been trying to make our new (still a init project) app run on IE9+, with very little luck.

    We had an issue with fetch and Promise, as these needed Polyfill, and after some webpack magic, this works, and we now have basic IE11 support, as IE11 supports flexboxes … but poorly.

    My hope was this flexibility js lib, as it seems to do a really nice work, but the issue is to detect when the dom has changed in order to patch up all flex (looking for -js-display: flow) styles.

    My initial hope was to use the onpropertychange IE only event, like this :

    Quasar.start(() => {
        if( Quasar.Platform.is.win ) {
            console.log( "Windows platform detected, enabling onpropertychange")
            window['onpropertychange'] = () => {
                console.log( "property changed, rescanning for -js-display css props")
                flexibility( document.body )    
            flexibility( document.body )

    But this event does not fire as I was hoping for, and I got a few other nasty errors in the console log that I need to look more into.

    The log file from IE10 looks something like this

    SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'childNodes' of undefined or null
    [Vue warn]: Duplicate presence of slot "default" found in the same render tree - this will likely cause render errors. (found in component <q-drawer>)

    I am not sure this makes sense to me, but I quess others may stumble into these the next few years, until IE9-11 is totally dead 🙂

    I may look a bit more into this, but for now it only seems possible to get a working version for IE11, but the two others have more deep problems.

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    Nice progress nevertheless. Thanks for sharing and keep it up good like this.

  • Thanks, I always end up working with browser compatibility problems in small sprints, its best for my blood pressure 🙂

  • Ok, VueJS needs full ES5 support, and for the IE line this starts in IE11 …

    To use IE9 or 10 … we need to use React og RiotJS as component tool, if not one of the old and large frameworks (ugly thought …)

  • Admin

    Hmm, nasty. Hope IE 9-11 dies completely soon 🙂

  • This really seems to be the case, we only have problems with large corporations that are really slow to adapt.

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