Environment variables

  • Hi folks, I have a question that’s bugging me.
    Since the 0.15 release everything revolves around the cli.
    For example the template files in the cli’s templates folder and namely the entry.js.
    But I noticed that in the lib folder and quasar-config.js file the process.env gets overwritten as such:

        cfg.build.env = {
          'process.env': cfg.build.env

    webpack-config.js reads:

          new webpack.DefinePlugin(cfg.build.env),

    The result is very quasar-tailored env.


    I tried fiddling with it, but I messed it up. 🙂 I’m missing some knowledge on the subject, I know.
    Is there any way to access the real node environment variables since webpack config is now out of the question?
    Thanks in advance!

  • You define your env in quasar.conf.js like this:
    BASE_URL: JSON.stringify(process.env.BASE_URL')
    in your code you access them like this:

    Then for example your run BASE_URL=api.example.com quasar build to build your app with the desired value

  • I just couldn’t figure out why my cli environment variables where being ignored. I see now some info in the guide http://quasar-framework.org/guide/app-quasar.conf.js.html#Example-setting-env-for-dev-build.

    I’m still confused about the ctx.dev ? part. Don’t I just need props as a hash of env:?
    Can you show the above in dev and build sections of quasar.config.js?
    env: ctx.dev ? { API: JSON.stringify('https://dev.'+ process.env.MY_API) } ???

    is this ok?

    env: {
    ENV1: JSON.stringify(process.env.ENV1),
    ENV2: JSON.stringify(process.env.ENV2),
    ENV3: JSON.stringify(process.env.ENV3)

    Do you have to do this in both the dev and build sections if you want access to the same env variable doing either?

  • ok I think I get it. ctx.dev is true for quasar dev so this was my build:env

          env: ctx.dev
            ? { // so on dev we'll have
              WSS: JSON.stringify(process.env.WSS)
            : { // and on build (production):
              WSS: JSON.stringify(process.env.WSS)