Datatable with server side pagination and Vuex

  • Hello,
    I really love the datatable component and I think I’m making good use of it.
    The documentation is good and clear, however I’m running into problems while using server side pagination and Vuex.
    I don’t want to reinvent the wheel neither handle pagination myself, so I’m just using the built-in methods of datatable. Because I’m using Vuex to handle the state all the pagination props should come from it (page, page size, results…) so far so good. In order to activate the server side pagination you have to provide an object with pagination information and here is where the problem comes. Because all the pagination controls are coming from Vuex they must be computed components, however vue is complaining that certain computed property requires a setter that it does not have. The datatable is working properly, but I’m worried about possible performance implications and problems.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Please read on this issue on the vuex docs:

    They also lsit possible solutions.

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