Quasar v0.15.8 & CLI v0.15.12 are out!

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    Quasar v0.15.8


    • perf: QResizeObservable using ResizeObserver API when available
    • perf: QTabs (Material theme) - do not animate position bar when selecting a tab (if no previous tab was selected)
    • perf: Faster QLayout initial render
    • QUploader: Allow to programmatically upload files #1791
    • QPagination: increase min-width to 2em for better mobile support


    • $q.fullscreen not available if device doesn’t supports Fullscreen API #1764
    • QLayoutDrawer: RTL positioning when switching back and forth to a Quasar RTL language pack
    • Initial QLayout view should not animate Drawer #1783
    • (also perf) QKnob/QSlider/QRange: emitting @input/@change
    • QTable: sort for non-strings column content (#1778)
    • QPopover: change the way reposition is done (#1757)
    • (UMD) QOptionGroup: tag name detection to work for kebab/camel/pascal case
    • QBtn: Make focus helper and ripple extend over bottom border for “push” type (#1772)
    • QLayout: header/footer/drawer offset not updated on start (#1770)
    • Fix IE form components height (#1769)

    Quasar CLI v0.15.12

    • Update to Quasar v0.15.8
    • Update to Vue v2.5.16, uglifyjs-webpack-plugin v1.2.3


  • Thank Guru, Quasar v0.15.8 much better than v0.15.7

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