How to pass flags to the start script

  • When deploing to using now I need to pass the –auth flag to the start script. The problem is, I can’t seem to find a “start” script in package.json. Right now I deploy to now like this:

    yarn quasar build -m pwa -t ios && cd dist/pwa-ios/ && now && now alias $(pbpaste) --auth -e SERVE_USER=username -e SERVE_PASSWORD=password

    It deploys ok but I get no authentication b/c I need to pass the the --auth flag like described here (at the bottom)

    Anyone knows what to do ?

  • Within the readme it states that you may do this like:

    SERVE_USER=leo SERVE_PASSWORD=1234 serve --auth

    Do this within the dist/spa-mat folder or give the folder as parameter. This should work.

  • I think this is not possible due to --auth not working on static deploys.
    The start script is used in projects where they use express.js or similar software to start and serve the application.

    But we are currently working on an deployment guide for Quasar SPAs/PWAs so maybe this will help

  • Admin

    Just add whatever “scripts” you want in package.json.

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