[Solved] Installed 0.15 but init still creates 0.14.9 app?

  • I’ve got a quasar app created with 0.14.9 and I’d like to move it to 0.15 (.11, I guess, currently). But when I try to upgrade quasar-cli and init a new project, I still get a 0.14.9 installation

    $ npm install -g quasar-cli@latest
    + quasar-cli@0.15.11
    removed 15 packages, updated 40 packages and moved 1 package in 24.816s
    $ quasar init quasar-zep-15
    $ cd quasar-zep-15
    $ npm install
    $ quasar version
     Quasar CLI v0.6.5
     App running on Quasar v0.14.9

    I’ve read the upgrade guide, but can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I suspect I’m suffering under some misunderstanding about the relationship between quasar, quasar-cli, and quasar-framework (which is versioned at 0.14.9 in package.json whether I manually install it with --save or not)

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    Try closing your terminal and opening it again. Somehow you’re still using the old Quasar CLI version.
    If it still doesn’t works, then npm uninstall -g quasar-cli then npm install -g quasar-cli again.

  • Hm., thanks. Neither of these worked. I took a while to reply while I ripped out quasar, vue, and other dependencies and re-installed them but I still get the results between the backticks above. npm list -g gives me

    ├─┬ quasar@0.0.18
    │ ├─┬ earlgrey-runtime@0.1.0
    │ │ ├── core-js@2.5.3
    │ │ ├── kaiser@0.0.4 deduped
    │ │ ├── lodash@4.17.5
    │ │ └── regenerator-runtime@0.9.6
    │ └─┬ kaiser@0.0.4
    │   └── earlgrey-runtime@0.1.0 deduped
    ├─┬ quasar-cli@0.15.11
    [lots of stuff here ...]
    ├── quasar-framework@0.15.7
    ├── vue@2.5.16
    └─┬ vue-cli@2.9.3
    [lots of stuff here....]

    but I still get App running on Quasar v0.14.9 after an quasar init and an npm install and a quasar version. I don’t have a question yet.

  • I had the same problem until I updated my node version. with nvm. nvm install 8 && nvm use 8 && npm i quasar-cli@latest -g && npm i vue-cli -g && quasar init default

  • I created a new user and installed node and the applicable npm packages from scratch and it worked fine. So maybe a versioning problem indeed. So I went back and followed vinstah’s advice to use nvm and voila, it worked. Thanks!

  • How do you solve this problem on windows? I think I’ve the same problem as I mentioned here: http://forum.quasar-framework.org/topic/2023/can-t-update-quasar-cli

    [edit] Answered by max in the other thread mentioned [/edit]

    thank you

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