Increase Label Size/Weight for Fields & Inputs??

  • I have stacked labels on my forms and my users (poor eyesight & looking at screens in the sun) are complaining that the labels are too small and faint. Is there an easy way to change the size and weight of the font of the labels?

    Preferably using a scoped stylus/css class name that I can add to the q-fields I want bigger.

    I don’t really want this to be global, but would if you have a way with Stylus Variables, it would probably work for me. Even if it is global.

    I am using q 0.15.6 with material design.


  • Admin

    @daveline Hi, we’re simply following Material Design Guidelines. But if you need to change something, please use the browser developer tools and inspect the inputs, to see what CSS selector you need to overwrite color on.

  • Thanks @rstoenescu
    I know it is just a material design thing & I really hate to deviate from standards and make special cases. My users were just asking for it. I had already started to inspect the CSS and overwrite things, I just figured I would ask to see if there was a “better” way.

  • I also think the labels are too washed out. I don’t know if there is an actual spec, but in every Material Design website I’ve looked at the labels are bit darker and clearer to read.

    And there seems to be no requirement to make the symbols ($, 😵 the same color as the labels. To me, the symbols should be the text color.

  • Is there a simple way to change the label appearance?

  • Using css to override default class? 🙂

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