Quasar v0.15.7 & CLI 0.15.11 are out!

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    Quasar v0.15.7


    • Dynamic branding colors - configurable at any time during runtime - More Info
    • Smooth drawer (big performance tweak, especially noticeable on low end mobiles)
    • Improve Layout components user response time
    • QChip: new “dense” prop; design improvements on floating QChip
    • QResizeObservable new property (debounce - Number, default 100)
    • QStepper: flag to disable navigation through header #1716
    • Quasar components inside templates using PascalCase #1601
    • Add alternate text to object elements #1693
    • refactor: AddressbarColor plugin - better perf, avoid duplicating meta tags, make use of CSS color props
    • QLayoutDrawer: Add “no-hide-on-route-change” property #1697
    • QDialog - hitting ENTER key when using prompt submits the Dialog (same as hitting OK button)
    • Turkish Quasar language pack
    • Default duration is now 600ms #1760


    • QPageSticky offsets when toggling a Layout Header/Footer/Drawer
    • Fix Layout page offsets when navigating sub-routes that have different header/footer embedded into them
    • Fix Layout page bouncing up or down on route change
    • QList Side Icons squashed with fontawesome icons
    • QColorPicker - fix alpha value detection when using spaces
    • IE fixes: QResizeObservable object visibility and QList main flex (#1720)
    • QInput: add an empty row at end of textarea to prevent scroll related problems
    • HMR reload problem with parent field
    • QUploader: extensions comparisons case-insensitive
    • QUploader: QList not being imported #1696
    • QTable: Sorting on boolean column fails #1689
    • QInput: Vertical scrolling in textarea #1048
    • QDatetime Prevent Prompting of Time when Selecting Just a Date #1663
    • QDatetime “after” handler not setting popup value via v-model bind #1686
    • breadcrumb separator is displayed even if next breadcrumb element is not visible #1639
    • Breadcrumbs with & without Icons have wrong horizontal alignments #1745
    • QDatetime & QColor fixes: Doubling blur/input events; setting model with before/after; keep focus when popover/modal gets opened; Modal “cancel” button not working as expected
    • Promise API detection on polyfill
    • QDatetimePicker: Reset to default view after closing modal (#1762)

    Quasar CLI v0.15.11

    • Update to Quasar v0.15.7 & Vue 2.5.15
    • Fix <base> tag – Cordova with WKWebView Engine shows blank page
    • Update Electron deps; add mips64el arch option
    • Better fault tolerance on quasar.conf.js > pwa config
    • Out of the box ability to use Vue runtime AND compiler (build > vueCompiler boolean)
    • Unexpected behavior on quasar init #74
    • Add <meta> description tag
    • perf: Enhance website/app startup speed
    • fix: LocalStorage: vuex plugins error #69
    • fix: Minor typo when adding a mode #68
    • feat: Error out if Node version is not compatible


  • Great! As always!

  • Keep up the awesome work!

  • Error after upgrade to v0.15.7

    These dependencies were not found:
    * src/plugins/lodash in ./.quasar/entry.js
    * src/plugins/addressbar-color in ./.quasar/entry.js
    * src/plugins/vuelidate in ./.quasar/entry.js
    * src/plugins/feathers in ./.quasar/entry.js
    * src/plugins/apollo in ./.quasar/entry.js
    * src/plugins/vue-moment in ./.quasar/entry.js
    * src/plugins/notification in ./.quasar/entry.js
    * src/App in ./.quasar/entry.js
    * src/router in ./.quasar/entry.js
    * src/store in ./.quasar/entry.js
    To install them, you can run: npm install --save src/plugins/lodash src/plugins/addressbar-color src/plugins/vuelidate src/plugins/feathers src/plugins/apollo src/plugins/vue-moment src/plugins/notification src/App src/router src/store

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    Delete node_modules and package-lock.json. npm install again.
    Means NPM messed it up.

  • @rstoenescu Thank you so much master …

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