[0.14] print css

  • Hello,

    I’m using quasar 0.14 inside of a rails app. Using quasar-mat css, tried printing, first results are pretty horrible; I use some pretty standard:

    @media print {
      div {
        border: 1px solid grey;
      footer {
      body {
        overflow: auto;
        height: auto;
      .scroll-y {
         height: auto;
         overflow: visible;
      aside {
        display: none !important;

    but it comes out at 500 pages (they’re 3 at most), i don’t get any flex styled two column layout (I don’t get any layout at all actually, components come out squeezed and line-print styled) and got some stray textareas at page number 200+

    Any suggestions on sensible print css?


  • Sorry, the “all divs with border” bit was for getting an idea of what was taking up 500+ pages; It seems to be all sort of stuff, some of which has to do with q-layout itself

  • I’m sure you’ve seen this

  • Admin

    @loop Hi, you can use the Print related Quasar CSS classes. Apply them on the elements that you want to hide while printing.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn’t actually seen the printing related classes… cool, but still they don’t seem to solve my problem, being the fact that i get lots of nested divs spanning many pages. Possibly this is due to me trying to straight out print a SPA made with a q-layout with two levels of tabs and tonnes of form controls. I’m trying to make simpler display-only components and it’s looking a lot better.

  • Could you provide an example in JSFiddle?
    Because I can not really reproduce this. 😃

  • Sorry about the delay. Should anyone have the same issues using rails with webpacker and quasar, check that your layout says:

    <%= stylesheet_pack_tag 'application', media: 'all' %>

    rather than:

    <%= stylesheet_pack_tag 'application' %>

    If that is so, print css aren’t loaded!

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