Installed apk generated by quasar dev / build command does not work in Android

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    I am building a quasar-framework app.

    Running the “quasar dev -m cordova -T android -t mat” command, with mobile connected to the computer works correctly (picks my device’s IP as external IP)…

    (The android version installed in my mobile is 5.1)

    However, when I install the ‘apk’ generated by above command in mobile, it looks for the same external IP in mobile and says ‘cannot connect to 192…:/index.html’

    When I use ‘build for production’ command (quasar build -m cordova -T android -t mat) and try to copy the apk generated, the device says ‘App cannot be installed’.

    How do I install the apk generated by dev /build commands in the device?


  • The exact error, when not connected to Internet, is:
    The webpage at http://192…:8080/index.html could not be loaded because:

    When connected to Internet, it says:
    The connection to the server was unsuccessful (http://…:8080/index.html)

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