v0.14.0 webpack build script output files integration with .Net MVC app

  • Greetings:
    Apologies up front that I have not made the jump to 0.15x, and I hope that even thought (I suspect) there are not a majority of folks here specifically mixing Quasar/Vue with .net. that the underlying script reference/path issue will be universal enough that someone can help me with my hang-up here.

    Issue To Solve:
    I need the html file hosting the <div id=q-app> to live one level above the “dist” folder, with script references to the dist folder files:

    • /dist/js/vendor.js
    • /dist/js/app.js
    • /dist/js/manifest.js
    • /dist/app.[hash].css

    I see that the minified dist/js/manifest.js contains an array mapping indexes 0-N to the chunkhash for the outputted files such as dist/js//0.e962cfac3806e8e78b6e.js.

    When I load index.html from the dist folder, the script references are to the relative child folder paths:
    <script type=text/javascript src=/js/manifest.js></script>

    When my (Asp Net MVC) View file index.cshtml references the paths to the files highlighted above, the specific src files load as expected - but the calls to any of the chunk js files are resolving the file path to 404 and the remainder of the js folder chunk files are absent in chrome dev tools inspector.

    Has anyone run into a similar scenario in moving their project from prototype to production and had to tweak the webpack build scripts to solve for this sort of application folder hierarchy issue?

  • Hey, have you tried to edit the buildPath variable in config/index.js?
    With this config you should be able to set your path correctly.

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