[Solved] Quasar shipping the wrong theme?

  • Hi all. I am new to Quasar. I have tried both the UMD and starter kit ways. Both end up showing an iOS themed website, even though in the UMD it ships quasar.mat.min.css and with starter the console output shows
    App [SPA with MAT theme] at http://localhost:8080/

    I am confused with I’m doing something obviously wrong or the npm registry is distributing incorrect files? Please assist, much thanks.

    PS I wanted to use discord, but don’t feel like providing them with my phone number. Clearly, I’m not a robot.

  • The default layout has a toolbar with the glossy atribute. Maybe you are mistaking this for the iOS theme?
    You should be the specify your theme by using the --theme or -t cli flag on the starter pack.

  • You should provide more details. Do you have custom stylus in the themes folder? What quasar version are you using? How to you know the app is IOS themed?

  • Admin

    The starter kit is just a barebone example. Start customising. Quasar has means for you to do this in app space. It excels at it.

    Example. Remember just an example to widen the perspective: http://quasar-framework.org/components/layout-header-and-footer.html#Handling-Quasar-Themes

  • Hi guys, thanks for approving the question and the replies.

    @benoitranque I ran both “setups” today, along with the docs, so I was up to date :). Should have added “today” to be more clear.

    @a47ae You Sir are correct. @rstoenescu I think it’s a minor issue, but the glossiness on the toolbar is misleading. I am well are it had a class=“glossy” applied, but that very simple fact confused me (a Quasar beginner) to the point that I thought I’m being served an incorrect theme - which turns out wasn’t the case.

    I think it’s worth removing the glossyness, so newcomers aren’t confused by it - material design doesn’t have such glossiness and it’s easy to confuse with iOS theme :).


  • Admin

    Will do. Thanks.

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