QUploader - Multiple files upload

  • Hi all,

    I’m using the Quploader component and it works fine when uploading single files (using express/multer in backend). However, when I enable the ‘multiple’ attribute, it seems that the uploader sends one file at a time resulting in multiple calls to my API upload url and multer not being able to gather all the files info in the same array.
    Is there a workaround ?
    Thank you.

  • well i dont get your problem…
    if you enable multiple the uploader component will upload multiple files to your backend…that how it is and you will have to handle each file separately in your backend code…

    its not uploading parallel, its uploading one after another…

  • Thanks for your reply. When I test my API route for uploading multiple files (same input name) with postman, the express/multer middleware I use handles the upload as an array. However, when I’m using the Quploader component, the middleware handles the upload as single files uploads.

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