dev/build in VS Code IDE

  • I would like to fire “quasar dev” or “quasar build” in VS Code as before( 0.14.7 <) with “launch.json” as below

    "configurations": [
    		"type": "node",
    		"request": "launch",
    		"name": "Launch Program",
    		"program": "${workspaceRoot}/build/"

    from the 0.15.x, I lost the stat point with VS Code.
    I hope to get workaround. Thnaks

  • As “program” just enter the path to Quasar CLI. On Linux and Mac you can find that path with which quasar

  • Thanks @a47ae, as you comment, I edit as below, it works as I expected. Thanks again.

    “type”: “node”,
    “request”: “launch”,
    “name”: “Launch Program”,
    “program”: “/usr/local/bin/quasar”,
    “args”: [“dev”]

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