How to pass QTable props to a method(a function) on @click

  • I am trying to access table prop on click using @click but its now working. Please give me suggestion. Thank you.
    Here is sample code that i was trying.
    title=“Customer Data”

    <template slot=“body” slot-scope=“props”>
    <q-tr :props=“props”>
    <q-td key=“actions” :props=“props” >
    <q-btn size=“sm” :props=“props” outline color=“secondary” icon=“send” class=“q-mr-xs” @click=“playAudio(props.row.recordingUrl)” >


    and the function under methods:

    methods: {
    playAudio: function(audioUrl){
    console.log("Audio Url is : – ", audioUrl);
    const audio = new Audio(‘audioUrl’);;

    here i am trying to access audio URL and it says undefined in console

  • have you really read ? its all in there! please always check docs!

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