0.15 with vue-introjs

  • I implemented it like that :

        build: {
          scopeHoisting: true,
          vueRouterMode: 'history',
          // gzip: true,
          // analyze: true,
          // extractCSS: false,
          // useNotifier: false,
          extendWebpack (cfg) {
              enforce: 'pre',
              test: /\.(js|vue)$/,
              loader: 'eslint-loader',
              exclude: /(node_modules|quasar)/
              new webpack.ProvidePlugin({introJs: ['intro.js', 'introJs']})

    But then i get some errors when I run quasar dev:

     app:dev Running: Mode [ SPA ] with [ MAT ] theme +0ms
     app:quasar-conf Reading quasar.conf.js +19s
     app:dev Checking listening address availability ( +14ms
     app:quasar-conf Generating Webpack config +5ms
     app:quasar-conf Extending Webpack config +598ms
      Error: ReferenceError: webpack is not defined
        - quasar.conf.js:41 Object.extendWebpack
        - quasar-config.js:384 QuasarConfig.compile
        - quasar-dev:153 goLive
        - next_tick.js:188 process._tickCallback
        - bootstrap_node.js:187 startup
        - bootstrap_node.js:608

  • With v15 you could use a plugin. Check axios.js in Plugins Directory as an example

  • I tried with a plugin doing that :

    import VueIntro from 'vue-introjs'
    export default ({ app, router, Vue }) => {

    But as it’s mentionned in the doc of the package :
    ‘then add into the plugins sections of build/webpack.dev.conf.js and build/webpack.prod.conf.js the new webpack.ProvidePlugin({ section from above.’ wich is :

    // webpack.config.js
        plugins: [
            new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
                // other modules
                introJs: ['intro.js', 'introJs']

    So where can I set this ?

  • @Sweetyy have you found any solution. i am facing the same error when i tried to add jquery.

    enforce: ‘pre’,
    test: /.(js|vue)$/,
    loader: ‘eslint-loader’,
    exclude: /(node_modules|quasar)/

    new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
    $: “jquery”,
    jQuery: “jquery”

  • @Sujan-Dev no i didn’t find any solution for that… I tried a lot of things but still not working.

    Waiting for our hero who will save us ! 🙂

  • @benoitranque @rstoenescu your attention please .

  • Please try

          new (require('webpack')).ProvidePlugin({introJs: ['intro.js', 'introJs']})

    or at the top of your file write const webpack = require('webpack')

    Hopefully this should resolve the issue.

  • thanks @a47ae 🙂 at last you solved my problem .

  • Thank you @a47ae it finally works ! 😃

  • Glad to hear your errors got resolved! 🙂

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