Datetime - moving quickly between years

  • Hi,
    I gave a quick look at the datetime component, but I have not found any way to move quickly between years. Am I missing some settings that allow it? Suppose I want to use the calendar to set birth date. I have maybe to move back 20-40 years and currently I am supposed to do it month by month. Other calendars allow to directly type in the values or “zoom out” to months/years ranges. Is it possible?


  • Admin

    @bragma As per Material guidelines, the user needs to click on the year. Added a screenshot:

    0_1485173181398_Screenshot from 2017-01-23 14:04:27.png

  • I LOVE the Material calendar widget.
    BTW: The first time I used it, I was also scrolling through the months to get to another year 🙂
    Also, the clock time widget is a brilliant invention!

  • I really missed it, thanks!

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