Support for older mobile devices ?

  • Hey,

    I have written a very nice quasar application and it just took me no more then 2 weeks. Impressive framework !

    Anyways after deploying it I found out that it does not work on devices with Android 4 more specifically I’m talking about a default browsers and Dolphin browser …
    When I start chrome browser everyhing is OK and when I build my application using Crosswalk and run it as an APK app it’s OK as well.

    So how is it possible to make my app running even on none Chrome browsers on older devices ?

    Thank you

  • Admin

    The browsers you mentioned are pretty outdated and the market share is extremely low. Android 4 market share significantly drops over time too. Unfortunately can’t support those old browsers you mentioned and still maintain current performance and a low footprint.

  • Thank you for you info.
    Anyways please do you know if at least Android standard browser in version 5 and higher is supported ?
    Right now I have no way how to test drive.


  • Admin

    It should be. You can test with the Android emulator.

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