0.15.3 : What is the equivalent of @rowClick (v 0.14) ?

  • Hi everyone !

    I was using the Quasar 0.14 and updated it to 0.15.3 a few days ago.
    But now I have a problem concerning the QTable in the last version wich is how to get the data of a complete row when you click on it ?

    For example i have a QTable with 2 rows :

    id: 0,
    title: ‘title 1’,
    author: ‘Elodie’,
    description: 'Description 1,
    id: 1,
    title: ‘title 2’,
    author: ‘Tedd’,
    description: 'Description 2,

    If i click on one of them i want to get all the previous informations related to the clicked row.
    In the 0.14 i was using @rowClick directly on the QTable and it was working perfecty !
    So is there any alternative ?

    Thanks and congrats for the 0.15 !

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