PWA not running in standalone (Quasar 0.15.2) ?

  • Hy master, How to make PWA running in standalone? I just tried build simple application with Quasar v0.15.2 (starter-kit) with PWA, I have been uploaded to server with https, but when I try to add homescreen, and then running the application, I got application not running in standalone but open in chrome, (Service Worker and Manifest use default), thank you …

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    Hi, You either use Quasar starter kit or you go with the UMD version and build a PWA yourself.

  • I use Quasar Starter Kit master.

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    Have you read docs? Do you know how PWA works? Might be worth it to read up on that first.

  • Is it possible to install a PWA in dev mode on my smartphone in using the default install banner ?

    I don’t know which requirements I am missing…

    • manifest : default (I suppose it is ok, thanks for generating default fields short_name, icons and start_url fields)
    • https ok (from the quasar.conf.js)
    • default service worker (I suppose it is ok as well)
    • using “quasar dev -m pwa” and visiting several times “https://192.168…:8080” with at least 5 mn of waiting between two visites : ok -> should I use the port 80/443 ?


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    Check this for “Add to home screen” to speed things up. Otherwise, as far as I know, you need to visit the same URL for a certain number of days in order for the install banner to be triggered:
    There’s an equivalent easy way to do on iOS too. Just google for it.

  • Hi, same here.

    • quasar init test (with default settings)
    • quasar build -m pwa -t mat
    • serve /dist directory over HTTPS with a valid certificate
    • “add to home screen” is showing, service worker registered, but it always opens in a new browser tab (display=standalone)

    (quasar-cli 0.15.11 / quasar-framework 0.15.7)


  • Stil same problem … 😞

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    It depends on the iOS and Android support for PWA. For example, iOS does not have full support (yet). What you are experiencing is not due to Quasar, which I can strongly confirm it does all things correctly.

  • @rstoenescu I tested it with Android 6.0 and Chrome 64/65 using Quasar 0.15 and 0.14 and it does not open in standalone/fullscreen mode.

    However, other PWA’s open in standalone/fullscreen mode. For example:


    • new blank project with default settings (quasar init test)
    • serve /dist/pwa-mat directory over HTTPS with a valid certificate
    • “add to home screen” is showing
    • service worker registered
    • no errors logged in console

    Any clue about how to debug the problem?

    Best regards.

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