Solved: Vuex actions this.$

  • Good Evening!

    I’ve been working on converting our app over to the newest .15 version that was released. I had a question come up thought that I’m curios on how y’all handle it. I’m fairly new to Vue as well so may be a basic question.

    Prior to .15 I was throwing axios and a few other general items into the window, now I’m trying to use them inside a plugin. Inside of my “auth” store actions.js file I’m trying to access some functions included in some of the plugin files. For example “this.$axios”. I can access these easily from the pages or components folders just not from anything inside the stores folder. Should I be accessing it differently? Heres what I’ve tried:

    Again probably something simple but racking my brain on this one!

  • Yeah I was over thinking it I guess. All I had to do was import Vue and all my prototype methods were then available. I didnt think it would work like this because I was assuming it would create a new instance of Vue and not have the same setup as the initial/main instance.

  • Couple ways to go about it. One is to add a named export to your plugins and import that in stores. Another is to pass the vue instance to the store when dispatching actions

    You can access the vue instance from the store using this._vm

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