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  • Hello! Does anybody try vuetifyjs framework ? can you compare it with quasar

  • They are similar. However, Quasar has more features available to allow for RAD, like CLI commands to create components and layouts (also custom ones). Quasar is also developed more with performance in mind. Quasar offers more components. Quasar has both material and iOS styles to choose from. Vuetify only has material. Vuetify has a bit more concentration on SSR (currently).


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    @alexe2baranov Something quick from the top of my mind as a comparison to the other UI frameworks out there:

    • Quasar is a full-stack solution with which you can build responsive websites AND hybrid mobile apps AND electron apps with same base code. You write code once and then you can deploy to multiple environments. Meteor starter kit coming really soon also. Progressive Web Apps, Chrome extension and SSR starter kits are also on the roadmap. Some say Quasar is to Vue what Ionic is to Angular (but it’s much much more as I previously said)
    • Using latest technologies available like Webpack 2, many ahead of Vue itself. Even Typescript support (currently in tests and being released in 2 weeks max)
    • 60+ complex and highly customizable components covering almost all needs. Probably if not certain, the most complete framework. On top of that, smart support for Web Storage, Cookies, Platform detection, its own Touch actions and Animation features, …
    • Two themes (Material and iOS, with a Windows theme on the roadmap) – Write one code, then select theme and you’re done, no need to change anything within App code to adapt. On top of that, rather than overwriting CSS code for these themes you can configure them (through Stylus variables) and build them on the fly.
    • Furthermore, Quasar has its own CSS framework on top of which themes are built, which offers same functionality (and much more!) as Bootstrap as an example.
    • Strong focus on performance and quality. CPU cycles are carefully thought for each component. No bloat and the least code to execute for each component too. Metrics will be published soon.
    • Focus on low footprint (and soon even lower). With Quasar you have all CSS and JS you need out of the box. No need to add Bootstrap or Bulma or Hammerjs or jQuery etc.
    • Hot Module Reload out of the box. Furthermore, there’s Quasar Play app that developers can use to test their apps on mobile without even the need to install them.
    • Focus on good documentation. Taking a lot of time to write the best documentation for Quasar that can be.
    • Fast replies in Gitter channel, on forum and for Github tickets from the community too (which is growing by the day)

  • " Two themes (Material and iOS, with a Windows theme on the roadmap) "
    Any news/new developments about the mentioned “Windows theme” ? My app will run on Windows 10, Android phones and IOS phones; I’d like my app to look native on Win10.
    Thanks (and cheers for the very good work!).

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