Platform detection no longer works in 0.15 (import { Platform } from 'quasar')

  • Hi,
    I just upgraded to Quasar 0.15, and I found that my page does not render and throws the following error in the console:

      TypeError: is undefined

    I tracked it to the if ( line, which worked fine before the upgrade. But now when I import { Platform } from 'quasar', the Platform object looks as follows (as found out with console.log):

    __installed: false
    install: install()
    length: 1
    name: "install"
    __proto__: function ()
    __proto__: Object { … }

    i.e. it doesn’t really look like much.

    Am I doing something wrong? This part of the docs ( has stayed the same even for the 0.15 version.


  • This post is deleted!