I can't get quasar play app to work on my phone. :(

  • Hello all,

    To start with I’m a total n00b and I have spent a fair few hours of troubleshooting and googling, so I thought it’s time to ask the experts.

    I’ve been stuck with getting Cordova barcode to work on my app.
    So I thought, I will checkout the Quasar Play app and build it and see how this work and then copy it to my app. To my surprise though, the Quasar App (current master & dev) don’t work for me! That is when you “Play Url” -> Bottom right FAB -> “Phone Icon”.

    The steps I took were to checkout the project run yarn in the root folder, then yarn in the /cordova folder.
    Then back to the project root to run quasar dev --play.

    I’m on the latest stable NodeJS and latest stable Quasar-CLI.

    My phone if this matters is a OP3 running Android 8.0.0.

    Many thanks in advance,

  • Try using the new beta:

    // make sure you have node 8.0 +
    npm install -g quasar-cli@next
    quasar init <project-folder>
    cd <project-folder>
    quasar dev --mode cordova --target android --theme mat

  • I also have this problem. I’m listening to the iPhone 6

  • @mapsi Can you describe you problem with getting barcode scanner to work?
    Have you tried this plugin?

  • @shone Thank you for sharing😍
    I used it

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