v0.15: custom webpack config

  • Back from some backend dev, I decided to give v0.15 beta a try.

    First I was pleased by the new super-easy configuration system.
    I use Pug and I need to transpile to javascript too, so I started to look how add loaders to the webpack config.
    Then I realized that v0.15 webpack config is not in the app directory but is part of the quasar-cli global module (
    /usr/local/lib/node_modules/quasar-cli/lib/build/webpack-config.js on my Ubuntu machine), so even if I modify it it will be overwritten at the next quasar-cli update.

    Am I missing something or (except for mode, theme and target) does v0.15 make impossible to tweak webpack??? 😱

    1. I think vue-loader works out of the box with Pug if you have pug-loader installed as (dev) dependency, so you don’t need to change Webpack configs for it.

    2. Webpack-related configurations are now handled in quasar.conf.js file. I’m not sure about the format, as the docs are still WIP, but I’d try to play with extendWebpack option.

  • @leopiccionia thank you so much.

    1. you’re right for Pug, I forgot it was automatic
    2. Great! Right now I’m customizing the build.extendWebpack function of quasar.conf.js to add loaders to my Vue single component files. I guess the documentation will talk about that.

    I’m feeling better now…

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