Checkbox inside a Dialog - how do I handle onchange?

  • Hi,
    I got a Dialog object inside my vue and it has a form with a checkbox element in it (Quasar Dialog with a form of course).
    The checkbox uses an array as items.

    I want to handle the onchange of each checkbox item so that when it is checked/unchecked I can run some logic and check/uncheck other options.

    I.e. if my items are:

    When the user checks the blue option and then checks the blue+red option I want to uncheck the blue and the red (to prevent duplicates).

    I tried the handler(data) but it seems not to run inside a checkbox element inside dialog form.

    Anyone tried something like this? Any tips/advice??


  • if you only want a single selection, make sure the model is not an array.

  • Thanks but it’s a bit more complex then that (there’s a business logic I need to apply).
    Is there a way to catch the onchange of the checkboxes inside a dialog somehow?

  • If it’s more complex then use the vue html component, not Dialog.create()

  • Will do. I was hoping to avoid it and find a shortcut 🙂

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