Platforms/styles questions

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to choose an hybrid framework to build an app across 3 platforms:

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Web

    For instance, Weex does have 3 styles for each components they provide. Is it the same for Quasar? Seems to me there is only Material and iOS.
    We do not want to be limited to 2 styles only as we know the Web style will be neither Material or iOS style.

    1/ What style does Quasar use for Safari/Chrome on a MacOS? Does it uses a desktop style or the iOS style or a ‘iOS desktop’ style?
    3/ How are desktops handled for the style? Does a touchable device becomes a tablet and does a tablet have 3 differents styles, for iOS and Material and Web?
    2/ Say I want to build for Windows Phone (;D), can I create my own platform, my own platform detection logic, and my own style?


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