[Solved]How wrap cordova in the new quasar 0.15

  • Hi,
    i downloaded and installed the quasar 0.15 beta started kit but i can find anymore the “quasar wrap cordova” command (quasar 0.14.8).

    Is there a way to wrap it?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi

    You don’t wrap anything anymore

    Simply use the following commands for dev and build. You must have cordova installed

    quasar dev --mode cordova
    quasar build --mode cordova

    use this to get help on the options:

    quasar dev --help

  • Hi,
    i got it, but my problem is that with quasar 0.14.8 i install phonegap on cordova folder so i can use it as well with

    phonegap serve
    Without the “cordova folder” phonegap gives me this error

    project directory could not be found

    i think becouse the project folder doesnt respect the cordova technical specifications.

  • Thanks man,
    i solved with

    quasar build -m cordova -T android

    really appreciated your help.

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