Use a Cordova plugin inside the Quasar app (file caching)

  • Hi Quasar-Community,

    I know, this is primarily a Cordova related problem, but I just don’t know, what to do on the Quasar side.

    Currently I try to integrate markmarijnissen/cordova-file-cache plugin into my app. Is anyone here, who used this already and has a primitive working example for me, just to see how to use it inside my app?

    Or is there a better way to cache files on my device?

    Is this generally possible?

    Would be great if anyone could share his experience with me.

    Thanks for your time.

  • You use this as you would in any other Vue app. Quasar changes none of that. Since you probably want a single cache instance in your app, you probably should put it in a dedicated file.

    // cache.js
    const cache = new CordovaFileCache(OptionsObject)
    export default cache
    // usage in components
    import cache from './path/to/cache'