Build & Deploy electron app

  • Hello friends,

    I would like to simplify the process of building and deploying my electron app.
    With quasar-cli I build the electron app. Now there is a folder with all important files to start the app, e. g. for windows.
    I saw at “electron-vue” that they go one step further and create a setup from it. Is there a possibility to store this functionality in the quasar-cli (or in the build-file)?

    Furthermore, it would be nice to use quasar-cli to load the builds (setups) onto a server and instruct the client electron app to update itself.
    I think “electron-packager” offers such functionality. But not in relation to the Quasar framework.

    I would be happy about cool ideas and examples. 🙂

  • You can make simple installer that is a self extracting archive, that just copies the files to the desired location. Anyways this falls out of the scope of quasar, and is a simply an electron issue

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