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    I am thinking to use Quasa for my next project - I noticed the cli project doesnt have any test suite included though. I spent a good few hours trying to integrate the karma/nightwatch test suite from the regular vue cli webpack template, but no luck - I am not that great with webpack and it’s endless config options.

    Anyone got a exmaple project with a test suite set up I could take a look at? Thanks! Looking forward to getting going with Quasar.

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    @xenetics The vue1 template (quasar init default#vue1) has unit and e2e testing included, but it uses Webpack 1. Not really recommending it as it won’t be further updated so you can bump into several issues. When we switched to Webpack 2 this was dropped to some issues regarding Vue Router. It’s relatively easy to port that to the latest (default) template which uses Webpack 2. There will be official support for Webpack 2 in the future, but currently it’s not high on the priority list due to very low demand. Cheers.

  • Hi! Thanks for the quick reply. Just to clarify, you recommend porting the vue1 template to vue2 then? (while using webpack1) or using the latest, and porting the test setup from th vue1 template?

  • Hey again,

    What are the main difficulties you foresee in adding testing? Karma compatibility with Webpack 2?

    IF you can point me in the right direction I am interested in setting up testing and hopefully contributing. I want to use quasar for a internal company project, but no way to test is a deal breaker.


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    @xenetics There’s no difficulty in setting the unit and e2e testing. Currently don’t want to release a half baked testing until I figure out a good way on making components which use VueRouter testable. That would be the last milestone.

  • Is anyone already writing unit tests for at least some basic methods/functions, in a customized Quasar 2.x project? It’s not my top priority right now (still in alpha stage) but at some point I’d like to switch to test driven dev. It’s a scary thought to have my app on a lot of phones without any testing.

  • Same here.

  • Same here, need unit testing and e2e.

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    Will see what I can do. Time is the only problem 😞

  • What are the issues you’re running into with vue-router? I’m currently trying to set up testing similar to what is generated by the vue-cli webpack template but am struggling…

  • Unit testing and e2e testing is really necessary for such a great framework as Quasar.

  • For e2e might consider Testcafe (in place of Nightwatch):
    easy install
    complete test harness
    javascript ES2016 with (async/await)
    flexible selector system
    smart assertions with retry policy

  • Yes, im starting use Testcafe
    Its like convention over configurations, and i love it.
    Very easy. All you need
    Adding to @MusicForMellons

    • screenshot fail steps
    • no need extra code, ex: wait doom element …
    • fast

  • I evaluated several e2e testing solutions and I ended choosing Codecept over Testcafé for its conciseness. Nightmare (electron) integration is also a nice feature.

    Feature('CodeceptJS Demonstration');
    Scenario('submit form successfully', (I) =>
      I.fillField('Email', 'hello@world.com')
      I.fillField('Password', '123456')
      I.click('Create User')
      I.see('User is valid')

    Anyway Quasar should let us chose whatever e2e testing solution we want, as e2e testing should be totally decoupled from the implementation.

  • Qusar really needs support for typescript and unit testing.
    I started a github repo where I try to integrate both but I need help.


    There are 2 branches:
    master : contains support for typescript and that works stable.
    unittests: still is still experimental and that’s the place where I need help.
    Please make PR’s so that we can get unit testing working.

  • Admin

    @paul There are many people interested in Typescript full support. I’ll make a team for this and you along whoever else is interested can participate in making an official Typescript support repo. I’ll set everything up, but after I finish up v0.14. Anyone interested in Typescript drop me an email pls. Thanks!

  • Should we not “just” have a quasar.d.ts file (I have one in my project, that could be a good start that i could add in a PR).

    Making Quasar a pure TS project would be fun, but I am not sure this would benefit many at the moment.

  • @rstoenescu Thanks for that. Keep us informed. Typescript is the way go for serious js work.

  • Typescript is the way go for serious js work.



  • To manage a large amount of source code base, you need all the help you can get.

    By using typescript you get a language that looks and feels like JS, but with lovely static type checks, templates and nice transpiling abilities.

    I will recommend it any day, even for small projects, it is really worth it !

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