How to close one or all notifications in v0.15?

  • Is there a way to close one or all notifications programmatically? I have a notification popup on a page but want to hide it when navigating away. Currently it stays there even I navigate to another page which is irrelevant to the notification. I want to hide it when navigating away, or is there a different component I can use for this? Thanks.

  • Hello @wux, if it’s about alerts you can call the dismiss() method as recommended by the documentation.

    One option is to give a time to each alert on the screen and then disappear, another is that somewhere in your code call the dismiss() method.

    I asked a similar question a few days ago, maybe it can help you with something.

  • Hi @wux

    Here is a fiddle showing how to keep a reference of your notification, so you can close them.

    @emartinezpinzon note @emartinezpinzon said v0.15, which does not longer have an alert component.


  • Sorry, I thought it was the same version that I’m using (v0.14.7). Now, I have the doubt, where can I see the documentation of v0.15? I only see references to v0.13.

    Sorry to invade this question with my doubt, only that I consider it to end. If it is necessary to delete it and that I create a new topic I am willing to do it.

  • There are no docs for 0.15 yet, and it is still in beta. Due out this month 🙂

  • nice, thanks for the help!

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